Decorating on a Dime

Decorating on a Dime

Decorating on a Dime

As soon as you walk in the door of Lovely Lines Boutique, you assume we spent a lot of pennies at an antique store somewhere. Don’t be fooled; we can decorate on a dime and it is something that we LOVE to do!

Our first piece we knew would end up in the store was my great-grandmother’s Duncan Phyfe couch. It sat in her formal living room all my childhood, where we opened Christmas gifts and gathered for Easter. It had an ornate patterned brown fabric for as far back as I can remember. When she passed, I knew that was the one piece I wanted to keep forever! When I found out I was having a baby boy in 2014, I decided to have it recovered in a blue and white pinstripe fabric. The couch sat in his nursery from his birth on Halloween 2014 to March 2018 when the store opened. Many sleepless nights were spent on that couch with Grayson. I’ve been asked a few times if I’d consider selling it and nope! Never. It has more memories for me than any scrapbook ever could.

We knew we wanted an industrial look for the store, so the metal piping for racks and tin wall accents made sense! That might be what we spent the most on other than our rug, which was a bargain buy on Wayfair and matches EVERYTHING so if our colors change, our rug doesn’t have to!

Tip: Fall in love with your main item and use it as your foundation piece. For us it was actually the rug, but you can use anything...curtains, a piece of furniture, a pillow etc and then find things in its color family to build the rest of your look with (or in our case, paint everything you can get your hands on to go with your color flow. Fact: throw pattern caution to the wind and be brave! As long as your colors stay in the same fam, patterns can mix and not match! Look around our store...different patterns on patterns LOL! K, back to our story haha.

Our chandelier was a facebook marketplace find. Drove about 40 minutes south for a $100 chandelier, that probably cost $500 new. Yes, please! Another marketplace find was our two pedestal tables. I found the individual through marketplace, but ended up that it was an item for sale at Old Garage Antiques in Concord.

We bought a few random pieces from local antique/junk stores. The dining room table painted grey, the half chairs (which we painted orselves) and even the square table with knotted legs from True South in Mooresville – the best little random find store around, which has since closed. (Insert sad face.) We also found a few fun pieces at Refunked Junk in North Kannapolis.

When we realized we had a huge, new store to fill up, we acquired our fabulous victorian set of furniture through a trade. Yes, trade. No shame in our game. Photography services paid for this incredible set. Our mens’ section suddenly expanded! LOL.

Then another on sale Wayfair rug and Facebook Marketplace coffee table to complete our seating area near the dressing room.

The vanity? Oh, that was given to us by friend who had no use for it, along with some other little tables. It came to us in a dark brown and ended up as this bright focal point!

The black and white photos behind our register? Our inspiration. Erica’s grandmother, Sally and my great-grandparents, Evelyn and Jesse. The randomness surrounding them? Hobby Lobby sale finds! Perfect little gallery accent wall.

So now you’re thinking how in the world does all that look together? Like a hot mess? Maybe. But we call it eclectic. Maybe victorian-industrial chic. LOL. Totally made that up. But it’s unique and it works for us!


Couch Recovering – Sean White of Discount Furniture & Fabrics, now located in Copperfield (THE B.E.S.T.)

Metal piping & tin – Lowe’s

Rugs –

Randoms — Hobby Lobby

Local stores: Refunked Junk, Old Garage in Concord.

Stay faithful & lovely,

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