PCOS Voice Up!
By Bree Stillings
Instagram: @breestillings

Diagnosed in 2009 with PCOS was 12 years too late. I had already battled cystic acne as a college student with the scars to prove it and I had already had every hair removed from my face with electrolysis. ⁣ Like many women, I thought that my conditions were normal. I thought every woman had a 7-day period. I thought every girl had to begin waxing their upper lip at 12 years-old. I thought every woman would pass blood clots the size of potatoes. Because women are not encouraged to talk about their “issues,” I thought I was just like everyone else. Voice Up Ladies!

Talking to your doctor is the first step. However, if they try to put you on birth control...find another doctor. Getting on metformin would help with fertility, but it came with a ‘bucket full’ (or toilet full, lol) of GI issues. I finally found, at 40 years of age, a holistic way of “managing” symptoms. I’ve now had my beautiful beard completely and permanently removed through electrolysis. Since I’m no longer of child bearing age I’ve had a wonderful procedure known as an Endometrial Ablation. I no longer need to wear a tampon and a pad at the same time. I’m still currently researching the best foods to eat and exercise formats for impaired insulin reactions. 

There is no better time, than our era, to get on Instagram and connect instantly with a Dietician or Personal Trainer who specializes in PCOS. Why can’t we lose weight? Because our body does not function like “every other woman.” We are exceptions. We are beautiful and we deserve to know how to treat our bodies within the syndrom. We deserve to know that Gluten Free, intervals, and weight training might be the best way to lose weight. Ladies, Voice Up and find your community!

My specialty is skincare. Due to my own struggles, I have researched in depth hormonal effects on the skin. No doubt about it, hormones and your skin are what factors are at play when those hormones are affected by PCOS? I had no idea, until 3 years ago, that other women did not get cysts on their face that were painful and never grew to a “head.” I had no idea until 5 months ago that acne on the chin area is another feature of PCOS. I feel like life with PCOS is an uphill challenge, not excluding finding the right anti-aging skincare regime that is also going to address scarring on the chin area. ⁣ I have created a FREE webinar where I detail the 2 step process I have discovered to transform my skin. Get the webinar here: 
Voice up Ladies!

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