​    We’ve been saying for a while we wanted to write about different topics and you know what happened… that idea list got pushed aside like everything else in life. Something urgent always seemed to pop up, but today’s the day. Let’s start with an introduction.
     Erica and I met in 2010 working with Chelish Moore … yes, the best wedding florist, designer, rental company around! We kept in touch while Erica worked at Hendrick Auto Mall for years and I jumped from one wedding industry job to another. Haha. We caught up again while I was working at Irresistible Portraits and I asked Erica to come on board as our production manager. She already knew everything and there was no teaching involved. She’s one smart cookie even though she plays it off with her comedic skillz! We worked side by side for 2+ years, until we decided we wanted a side gig – Lovely Lines Boutique. Literally a quick talk from one desk to another turned into a business name, logo and LLC within less than 48 hours. LOL! Go big or go home.
     For some reason, we thought that women would love our clothes so much they’d just buy online and we could package orders at night and ship the next morning. Here’s the catch… we, like every other plus size woman, do NOT buy online because all brands are sized different. Every woman is shaped different. So our online store quickly moved into Sweetest Beginnings, the cutest gift shop in downtown Concord. This gave us time to figure out what the heck we were doing (because may I remind you? Neither of us have retail experience!) We did a few holiday market events and the fact of needing to be in front of people metaphorically slapped us in the face – hard. We knew we needed to have a storefront. The search began.

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